Wooden Children's Routine Chart

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Our Wooden Children's Routine Chart's are perfect for toddlers to help navigate their way through the day and be prepared for what's to come. Particularly for those children with neurological or developmental disorders. 

Each set comes with 23 different daily activities attached to velcro for you to use with your children to set your routine for the day. The 7 days of the week also come on little cards to update each morning. 

Our boards measures 50cm in length and are 40cm high. They are able to be hung from the wall or sat on a desk for easy access for the children. These boards are perfect for any household decor making them great for the whole family. 

Each board is able to be personalised with your child's name, just place the name of your child into the name section when you add the chart to your cart. 

Each board has 3 strips separting between Morning, Afternoon and Evening routine however this is not labelled on the chart to allow more ease of change with routine as each family is different. 

Please note: If you require additional cards please message us, we would be happy to assist. 

Turnaround time: 3-4 weeks